Helpful Facts About Wobenzym N (Mucos Pharma GMBH)

Wobenzym N Mucos

Wobenzym N Clear

You may wonder how one product can do so many different things! People use Wobenzym® N with systemic enzymes for the following reasons: :

  • Natural support for immune, joint, muscle, and tendon health
  • Ingredients backed by decades of clinical research
  • Positive history of use by over 100 million people worldwide
  • Consumer loyalty of over 80%
  • Safe and effective
  • All natural active ingredients

Wobenzym can do so much because it works at the most fundamental level of biochemistry — by supplementing the body’s need for enzymes.

History of Wobenzym® N ( Wobenzyme, Wobenzyme N)

For years, German medical expert Max Wolf studied intensively how natural plants could work well with natural pancreatic enzymes to ease various health concerns. In particular, he pursued finding cure for joints inflammation and osteoporosis that would work well with the human body’s natural enzymes, minus the contaminants that could pose health risks. Finally in 1960 came the result of Wolf’s medical efforts through the Wobenzym® N tablet.

The years that followed, many consumers have claimed enjoying the healthy benefits of Wobenzym® N. The combination of plant-based enzymes from both pineapple and papaya, along with the pancreatix enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, and the antioxidant flavonoid rutin contributed to improved health of many individuals.

Years of Research and Validation

The earlier product was continuously improved since its release to the market decades back. The Wobenzym N we have today already come with the enteric-coated enzymes which spare each tablet from the stomach acids. This way, it reaches the small intestine with its health benefits fully absorbed and utilized. The Wobenzym N we have today has also eliminated the disapproved ingredients found on the original formula from Germany, but contains sufficient amounts of systemic enzymes.

The exact formulation found in Wobenzym N has been featured in six human clinical studies with 2,489 patients studied.

Wobenzym® N Beneficial Effects

Apart from eliminating joint and muscular pains, it has been noted to slow down aging and decrease risks of coronary disorders. People taking the product also attest to feeling invigorated with the Wobenzym N aiding blood circulation and healthier immune system. Even sports figures and ordinary people with active lifestyles use Wobenzym N to lessen chances of injuries and faster recovery periods.

Along with other enzymes, this product improves manufacture of blood cells and better circulatory process and decrease cholesterol. It has been considered the most effective systemic enzyme for over four decade now for the reason that it renders better health condition, and not just focuses on joints inflammation concerns.

How does Wobenzym® work?

Once taken, all the enzymes work together to produce smaller chains of amino acids for quick and effective attainment of better health. Further tests and studies of the Wobenzym® N led users to prove as well that it’s effective for treatment of various infections, digestive disorders, edema and evencommon ailments such as flu and colds. For all these great health benefits, Wobenzym® N then has been considered the body’s vacuum cleaning power, particularly in the muscular and circulatory systems.


So if you’re up to achieving better health in the safest way possible, Wobenzym® N would work well for you. Get better circulation and all its end benefits for your health, feel robust and be free of joint pains and weakening muscles with this product. Only pregnant and breastfeeding women have been advised against taking of Wobenzym® N for their delicate conditions before consulting it with a healthcare professional.

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